about kalamkari design studio

Incorporating this word as a name for my firm was only a means of showing my passion for Indian Art Forms and that special connect with the Indian culture.

Only the word Kalamkari could depict the real me - what better name could one have given an art firm than an art form of vibrant images in which the inner meets the outer.

"Kalamkari Design Studio" is an outfit which is consciously striving to get the fading art form of Kalamkari noticed by incorporating it in various utility products. We are merely enhancing the art and creating a platform for these artists to reach out to the world. These artists have touched a chord in our heart with their bold and eloquent strokes, we hope we can help them create more such magic.

In order to work relentlessly towards this cause, we at Kalmakari Design Studio undertake many Corporate orders. It is with the help of our Corporate clients that we are able to do justice to a cause.

"Kalamkari Design Studio" an Office cum Showroom is located in South Mumbai. Established since 1991.

Our range of Kalamkari Products are divided in 2 segments :

  1. Lifestyle - Laminated Place Mats, Coasters, Trivets, Trays, Mugs Quilted Bed Covers, Cushion Covers, Mirror Frames.
  2. Fashion - Hand painted Sarees, Dupattas, Stoles, Evening bags, Shopping bags.